Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The First Great House Fiasco of 2010 (and it won't be the last).

This week, we found a house, fell in love with the house, figured out we could indeed afford the house, planned the next 30 years of our life in said house, put an offer on the house, put yet another offer on the house, and then lost the house.


It is a beautiful house: full of light and windows and shiny things like faucets and granite and pendant lights and hardwood floors and a big, roomy laundry room that made me close my eyes and smile with happiness every time I walked into it.

But we lost it to someone who doesn't have another house to sell and can close right away.

In a hilarious moment that will go into the permanent collection of Great Stories From Our Life Together, as Dan was walking up the stairs of the house for the first time, he said to Michaela: I will get you anything you want if you agree to switch schools so we can buy this house.
And Michaela wisely asked: ANYTHING??
And he answered: Yes, anything... how about I get you a puppy?
And Michaela's head exploded with happiness.
And that's when Mommy whipped around and exclaimed: WHAT DID YOU JUST OFFER HER???
And then Michaela, sensing resistance, immediately exclaimed: Daddy, you PROMISED!!

So now, if we find a new house outside of Michaela's current elementary school boundaries, we're also adding a puppy to the mix. Because I really, really don't have enough to do during the day and taking care of a puppy will help fill the time.

We are sad and disappointed, but are sure that there is a reason why this one didn't work out: most hopefully because there is another house right around the corner that is an even better fit for us.

God has a plan.


Anonymous said...

ONLY YOU could make this situation FUNNY! Another home awaits the Libuttis! Love, Mommy

Anonymous said...

I'm a strong believer in the value of bribery in child rearing......BUT A PUPPY?! I think that's probably what jinxed the deal.....God knew your limitations and will find a house for you in the Slingerlands school district! Love, LW