Friday, July 11, 2008

All About Michaela... Oh, the Drama

Michaela has made the horrifying revelation that all year, while she was going off to school, I was spending all my time with Jenna. Together. Just us. Doing lots of fun stuff without Michaela.
This apparently was not so troubling when she had an interesting bus ride, a great teacher, lots of friends, good books to read, gym class, projects to work on, art class, and a really fun music teacher. But now that all those things have been stripped away, she is seeing how we really do things around here (you know, trips to the bank and WalMart, straightening up, making meals, doing laundry) and can't believe she has missed out on all the fun. She in turn has interpreted this to mean that clearly I love Jenna more since I am with her all day and this is another true injustice.

In order to help right this wrong, I will be putting up some cute pics of Michaela and her numerous activities in the next few postings. Not because I don't love Jenna, but because life is so unfair when you're six and bored of being at home with your dorky mom and little sister.
(The copious use of italics is to mimic the intense level of whining and drama going on in the house by Miss Michaela.)

So here is Michaela the soccer star, member of the Black Hawks team this year. This soccer season was tough because she was not on her usual team and really missed her buddies. (Mommy and Daddy missed their soccer friends, too!) Overall, we chalked it up to the Life Lesson of You Can't Always Get What You Want... a bitter pill to swallow when you're six.

I'm open! I'm open!

Michaela and the girls from her team enjoy their mid-game oranges.

The players all got Olympic-type medals and

Bethelehem Soccer Club hats at the end of the last game.

Even though it was tough, we were proud that Michaela stuck it out and played her best. Great job!

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Anonymous said...

Michaela, Michaela, Michaela-the drama level with your mom is HIGH and VERY cute TO AN OUTSIDER! Thank goodness you will be able to read this blog when you are older and see how much you DON'T want to spend time with her when you are 12! Your mom and Uncle Brian could not WAIT to go to someone else's house and get away from ME!
Love you, Miss M! Gammie